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Noémie Kadaner was born in France in 1993, of Belgian and Ukrainian origin, now based in North East Asia.


Self-taught as a photographer and filmmaker, she is interested in the development of the history of world cultures, using comparative and political philosophy to uncover the impact it has had in our contemporary world. She weaves her documentary work intuitively, in search for new narratives to better comprehend the human experience which she generally finds at the border between the intimate and the unspoken.

She has fluttered the four corners of the world, questioning the Other and its differences, immersing herself intimately into the lives of other human beings, discovering the fragile nature of trust. She aims at creating bridges of communication and understanding beyond the socio-cultural pre-existing gaps. It’s a quest of a lifetime which she undertakes as an attempt to develop awareness and discussions around the notion of peace.


She is currently preparing her first short length documentary on the Dong minority in collaboration with the ethical design studio DEYI LIVING. She is also developing her podcast, the NUOWAY media project which seeks to create a worldwide network of genuine connections, aiming at creating bridges between differences, be it social or cultural, all the while honouring resemblance through immersive and intimate story telling from original encounters.

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